Chess Quotes

Chess Quotes
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It is one thing to be clever
and another to be wise.

(George R. R. Martin)


I will not hide the fact that I love to hear the spectators react after a sacrifice of a piece or pawn. I don't think that there is anything bad in such a feeling: no artist or musician is indifferent to the reactions of the public. - Mikhail Tal
Youth has triumphed (upon defeating 86-year-old Dirk van Foreest). - Jacques Mieses
I like to say that Bobby Fischer was the greatest player ever. But what made Fischer a genius was his ability to blend an American freshness and pragmatism with Russian ideas about strategy - Bruce Pandolfini
When I today ask myself whence I got the moral courage, for it takes moral courage to make a move (or form a plan) running counter to all tradition, I think I may say in answer, that it was only my intense preoccupation with the problem of the blockade which helped me to do so. – Aron Nimzowitsch
All my games are real - Bobby Fischer
First-class players lose to second-class players because second-class players sometimes play a first-class game- Siegbert Tarrasch
Let the perfectionist play postal - Yasser Seirawan
Only the player with the initiative has the right to attack - Wilhelm Steinitz
It is no time to be playing Chess when the house is on fire - Italian Proverb
The power of hanging Pawns is based precisely in their Mobility, in their Ability to create acute situations instantly. - Boris Spassky
Chess books should be used as we use glasses: to assist the sight, although some players make use of them as if they thought they conferred sight- Jose Raul Capablanca


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